The Smartcar platform is now available in selected countries outside of the United States. Our customers can request early access and equip their apps to use Smartcar in their geographic market.

This FAQ explains which countries Smartcar is available in, how to request early access, and how to equip your app to function in your country.

Which countries is Smartcar available in?

Our global coverage page includes a complete list of the countries Smartcar is available in.

How can I request early access to Smartcar in my country?

Please reach out to, and we’re happy to help you get started.

Which vehicle makes and models are compatible in my country?

Our global coverage page includes a list of compatible car brands for each country. Our compatible vehicles page will soon include a list of compatible models by country. Stay tuned!

How can I equip my app to use Smartcar in my country?

If your user is located outside of the United States, your Smartcar Connect authorization URL needs to include a country-specific feature flag using the flags parameter. Your feature flag should contain the two-character ISO country code of the country that your user is located in.

Our SDKs provide ways for you to add this as part of the the various authUrlBuilder methods.

String authUrl = authClient.authUrlBuilder()
auth_url = client.get_auth_url(flags=["country:GB"])
let authUrl = smartcar.authUrlBuilder()
smartcar.getAuthUrl({forcePrompt: true, 
state: '0facda3319',
flags: ['country:GB']});

The auth URL should look like the following: &client_id=8229df9f-91a0-4ff0-a1ae-a1f38ee24d07
&scope=read_odometer read_vehicle_info

Alternatively, your users can manually change their country and language during the Smartcar Connect Flow

2. Unavailable features

The following feature(s) are currently unavailable outside of the United States:

Fuel tank API

Our fuel tank API endpoint is currently unavailable for vehicles sold outside of the United States.

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