The first step to use the Smartcar API is to create a developer account. In this guide, we walk through a few tips for using the dashboard as you get started with Smartcar.

Obtain your app credentials

When you create an account, we'll automatically register an app for you ("Emre's First App" in this case). The dashboard lets you configure redirect URIs and copy your
client ID and secret
. All three of these fields are used to make requests to the Smartcar API. Check out our authentication docs for more info on how to use these credentials. 

Regenerate your client secret

For security reasons, we only show you your client secret once (after you register an app). If you misplace it, you can regenerate by clicking the regenerate button. Please do this carefully as this will invalidate your previous client secret.

Add a redirect URI

Smartcar requires a redirect uri to redirect back to after a user authenticates with their vehicle. You can add redirect uris in the redirect uri section of the dashboard and learn more about them on our docs.

Registering multiple apps

Finally, you can register multiple apps by clicking on the app selector at the top right!

Next steps

The quickest way to get started (even if you don't have a car!) is to run our demo app. You can also check out a live version of the demo here.

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