The goal of our demo app is to help you make your first request to the Smartcar API. 

Don't have access to a car? Not to worry. The demo runs in Smartcar's test mode.

Step 1: Create a Smartcar developer account

Step 2: Add http://localhost:8000/callback as a redirect URI

Add http://localhost:8000/callback as a redirect URI in the Smartcar dashboard.

Step 3: Install Node 6 or greater

You can check if you have the correct version of node running by entering the following command in your terminal:

node -v

If you don't have node, check out this guide.

Step 4: Install the demo

git clone
cd demo/node
npm install

Step 5: Run the demo! 

Please run the following commands in your terminal, replacing the placeholder values with the real values from the Smartcar Dashboard. 

macOS / Linux / Unix

export SMARTCAR_CLIENT_ID=<your-client-id>
export SMARTCAR_SECRET=<your-client-secret>
node app.js

Windows PowerShell 

node app.js

Windows Command Prompt (CMD) 

set SMARTCAR_CLIENT_ID=<your-client-id>
set SMARTCAR_SECRET=<your-client-secret>
node app.js

What's next?

You can now start building on the Smartcar API! Head to our docs to get started.

Questions or feedback? Check out our FAQs or message us at! Source code for our demo is available on GitHub

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